Cumberland Woodlands

Cumberland Woodlands

Initial Project Consideration

Sydney As It Was:
the Cumberland Plains Woodlands Study

The initial project being considered by Sydney Zoo Foundation is the establishment of a Cumberland Plain urban eco sanctuary in the riparian fringe on the western part of the Sydney Zoo site –a total area of approx. 2.6 ha (the “Initial Site”).

The purpose of the site would be for bushland rehabilitation, research, and to establish a centre for education and learning. This is a replica of the Zealandia model -the world’s first fully-fenced urban eco sanctuary.

 Cumberland Plains Woodlands Study

The concept involves:

Establishment of a feral proof perimeter fence around the riparian bush fringe to west of Sydney zoo site.
Monitoring, trapping and removing all exotic wildlife and plants from the area.
Regenerating plants and habitat, reintroducing wildlife endemic to the Cumberland Plains woodlands.
Construction of visitor infrastructure: Entry /exit building, boardwalks, display paraphernalia.
Provision of guided tours and education programs for school groups and interested parties. Teaching people about the pre white settlement characteristics of the Sydney Basin.
Ecological Studies
Ecological Studies of plant regeneration, native species dispersal, and wildlife resettlement can be performed.
The initial site can be used as a pilot study and proof of concept, with greater application in larger parcels of land in the Sydney Basin.
The initial project can form the test case for the development of a centre of excellence in wildlife conservation.