Sydney Zoo Foundation will aim to develop a sustainable long term financial structure capable of supporting long term animal welfare and environmental programs. Financial arrangements may include:

Building a Financial Base Establish a core financial base with recurring financial contributions. Investment income and other fund raising initiatives will grow financial reserves over time.

Donations and Bequests Sydney Zoo Foundation will actively solicit donations and bequests from 3rd parties.

Sydney Zoo Financial Contributions Sydney Zoo can provide financial support via a number of mechanisms, including:

  • direct tax deductible donations of cash from Sydney Zoo as part of an ongoing profit share arrangement
  • a “round-up” mechanism a the Sydney Zoo points of sale
  • cash donations via a PET bottle collection or other mechanisms

Research Grants Sydney Zoo may align with a university to operate research projects, there are a number of avenues available to apply leverage through government grants for specific scientific research. These include:

  • ARC Link Grants
  • ARC Centre of Excellence Grants